The first time I attended Dracula’s Retreat was in summer 2017. It was an exciting experience, which I would repeat whenever I’d have the opportunity, and even more often if possible.

I am a beginner in fitness and have never done such type of physical exercises. The workouts were demanding. I tried to keep going as much as possible and, under Alexandra’s guidance and coaching, to execute the exercises as accurately as possible. I’m happy to say I succeeded! it is true that not at the level of my colleagues who were much more well trained, but I managed to go at my pace. I am very pleased with myself.

As for the meditation, it was extraordinary. In the quiet nature, with clean air, a grass filled with morning summer dew, I was able to let go of everything that was not good for my body and re-fuel with fresh energy and vitality.

The rooms were clean, equipped with everything you needed for a relaxing stay, with en-suite bathrooms for a reviving shower after training.

Good food, everything very fresh, most of the products from the household, with traditional Romanian desserts you could not keep away from.

The team was exceptional, people with love for sport and nature, in other words beautiful people from whom you always have something to learn.

I felt very good at the end of my stay, with an even greater desire to discover and test my potential, to do more exercise outdoors and to hare with others how beneficial this experience was for me, both physically and mentally.

I would recommend this Retreat to all lovers of fitness and movement, to those who want to discover themselves, to test their own strengths, meet new people, beautiful places, picturesque and history and taste a little of the traditional Romanian cuisine.