Fitness Levels

Alexandra Merisoiu from Dracula’s Retreat and The Merisoiu Technique Institute and Richard, one of Dracula’s Retreat guests answer the question of how fit you should be to participate in Dracula’s Retreat.

Dracula’s Retreat is for you if you want to get a taste of the outdoors, the mountains and the Transylvanian culture. Regardless of your fitness levels, even if you have never been in a gym in your life, you can perform the exercises at your level.

Don’t let the videos put you off, some of the people in the videos have never been in a gym and have never exercised more than running after a bus. Yet, they were excited to carry a log around and throw a few rocks. You too can do this!

If you wish to create a fitness plan to vamp up your fitness for Dracula’s Retreat just drop us a line at and we will help you get fit for the retreat.